The right people applying the right process

Over many years we have developed a process that works. We understand the importance of deadlines and high quality deliverables.

We have a team of knowledgeable and experienced people. When we combine our people and our process, we are able to consistently deliver and create significant value in both the compilation and audit phases of the financial reporting process.

Step 1


  • Completes a disclosure document provided by FRS.
  • Returns the completed disclosure document along with an electronic copy of required Trial Balances.
Step 2


  • Reviews disclosure document.
  • Checks integrity of the Trial Balances.
  • Completes consolidation (where required).
  • Compiles version 1 of the financial report and identifies outstanding information and any compliance concerns.
  • Technical review of the report including a review of supporting files.
Step 3


  • Compiles pre-audit version.
  • Compiles post audit and tax adjusted version.
  • Prepares cashflow calculation.
  • Provides final version, together with supporting audit trails and documents.
  • Where appropriate FRS will work directly with the client’s auditor to ensure minimum client disruption and maximise process efficiency.


FRS have been partnering with us to prepare our Australian and New Zealand financial statements since 2008. They are highly professional and continue to provide us with cost effective and high quality service. In short, FRS are excellent at what they do.

Ryan McCarthy, Managing DirectorStryker Medical - Asia Pacific

We have outsourced the preparation of our financial statements to FRS since 2010 and we would never consider in-sourcing this activity again.

Kevin Wundram, Chief Financial OfficerSG Fleet Group

FRS prepare financial statements for our 15 legal entities in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, including our ASX listed company. Their process is really efficient and their outstanding technical knowledge results in a much smoother audit process.

Kevin Wundram, Chief Financial OfficerSG Fleet Group

I have been fortunate to be involved in two IPO’s in the last 5 years and both times I have used FRS. They provide exceptional service and the quality of their deliverables is second to none.

Nimesh Shah, Chief Financial OfficerReadyTech Holdings Limited